Full stack software solutions for the open web

Polarblau is a tiny software shop run by me, Florian.
I am helping companies of all sizes — from start–ups to global cooperations — to build better software.


Creating software poses a fascinating and unique challenge every time. Excited developers and designers will create exciting products. — Let’s not take the fun out of it by adding extra weight through clunky processes, lenghty meetings or tons of needless paperwork.

I believe in small teams, direct responsibilities and transparency all the way.

Open Source

The core principles of Open Source go a long way and I try to invest as much time as possible into my own and other’s Open Source projects.


Polarblau has served a variety of clients as contractor and subcontractor. Recent examples include:

  • Client logo: AALTO
  • Client logo: NOKIA
  • Client logo: FJORD
  • Client logo: SIILI
  • Client logo: TYPOLAR
  • Client logo: IKEA
  • Client logo: CITAT
  • Client logo: BAR


Day–to–day work aside, Polarblau actively develops a few products — both commercially and as open source.

  • Please Revise!

    Logo: Please Revise!

    PR! helps design teams and their clients to better communicate over visual work. It enables the users to track changes and stay in the loop on updates.
    PR! is currently in close BETA .

  • Why the flag!

    Logo: Why the flag!

    Why The Flag? shows you if a country‚Äôs flags are supposed to be raised for a given day and location and if so, why. Read more over at the notepad  .

  • Hey pay me!

    Logo: Hey, Pay Me!

    An alternative to existing and often bloated invoicing and time tracking solutions for freelancers and small companies. It sports a simple and intuitive interface, the possibility to create and edit themes as well as PDF generation.
    Hey pay me! will hopefully go online later this year.

  • Capycorder

    Logo: Capycorder

    A free Chrome extension, allowing it to record user interactions and generate corresponding Capybara specs.


Everynow and then I write over at my notepad . The most recent article is called: Prototyping the browser”